Fire engine fun!

This term, Year 2 have worked hard to create some fabulous fire engines. The children needed to consider the most appropriate materials to use to ensure their fire engine was highly visible. Something which is essential in a crisis situation!
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Which is the best equipment to measure with?

Year 2 have been considering which type of measuring equipment they should use to measure different objects. They could choose from a metre stick, ruler, trundle wheel or measuring tape. Lots of the children realised the difference between 1km, 1m and 1cm.
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Fire, fire, watch out!

This week, Year 2 had an fabulous time learning all about the Great Fire of London as part of their history topic at the Sheffield Transport Museum. They discovered how the uniforms firefighters wear have evolved over time and they now recognise the different ways firefighters were expected to complete their role in the past.
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Welcome back! 

I am so proud of how well Year 2 have settled into their new class! Everyone is already showing outstanding attitudes to their learning and this has resulted in some fantastic progress already been seen in books! I hope that everyone continues to keep this up!

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