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Self-assessment super stars…

This week, we have been writing a story about the very annoying elephant Sam adopts from the zoo. We have been trying to vary our sentence types to include both statements and questions. After the lesson, we shared our work with a peer to help us to identify what we had got better at and what we needed to remember for next time. 

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Getting closer to nature…

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Would you like to make Ghostbusters slime? 

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Daisy and the trouble with zoos…

Recently, Year 2 have been reading their class book ‘Daisy and the trouble with zoos’. They have used ideas from the story to write about the time that Daisy visited the penguin pool on her birthday. The children worked on using a range of subordinating and coordinating conjunctions to extend their sentences. Take a look at Tia-Jae’s fabulous version of this!

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Working collaboratively…

During their ICT lessons, Year 2 have been busy developing their understanding of algorithms. They have been working collaboratively to understand how they can be implemented on digital devices such as Roamer. Everyone has found it challenging to work out how to make Roamer follow a series of algorithms to reach certain points on the African map. The group below quickly realised that following precise instructions was important as this helped Roamer to move towards its goal with ease.

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This week, Year 2 held an INSPIRE morning for parents to show them how we are developing our comprehension skills. The focus on the INSPIRE was on ‘find and copy’ questions. These questions helped the children to broaden their vocabulary, develop an understanding words and their meaning with the long term aim of supporting them to understand the context of a story so that they can infer from a character’s actions. I was incredibly impressed by how many parents and grandparents came to support and work with their child! It was lovely to hear that you felt you all learned a lot during the session and how you can now support your child at home.
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Exploring the outdoors…

In science, we have been exploring the wilderness area to help Miss Lodge and Mr Blagg try to find ways to attract more wildlife. Firstly, we used all our senses to explore the area before recording these. Also, we closely observed the area and searched for mini beasts that are already living in this habitat. We discovered some very large spiders! Following this, we used the data we collected to create a pictogram to show which was the most and least popular mini beast. This information will be shared with Miss Lodge and Mr Blagg very soon.

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Comparing with Jaxson…

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Fire engines to the rescue…

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Great Fire of London

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