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World Book Day…

Year 2 would like to say a massive thank you to all their parents/carers who helped them to find out more about their lifestyle as home to enable them to calculate their Carbon Footprint! The children had lots of fun taking part in the online quiz before using this information to research ways to reduce their Carbon Footprint. We hope you found your child’s information poster they brought home useful! Since taking part in these activities, I have been really impressed with the children continuing to reflect on ways they can reduce their Carbon Footprint in school, for example by turning off the lights when we leave the classroom or cloakroom. Furthermore, I loved how the children linked this to our recent geography work this week on how a school in rural Kenya is different. They recognised that this school would have a lower Carbon Footprint than ours because it didn’t have access to electricity! 

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Putting ourselves in Katie’s shoes…

This term, we have been reading books by the author James Mayhew. In these narratives, Katie finds herself travelling into different pictures to experience what life is like inside them. We explored Katie’s reaction when she travels to a peaceful field filled with poppies. Unfortunately, Katie was unaware there was a bull lurking in the shadows! The class used the drama technique of freeze frames to put themselves in her shoes. I was really impressed by all the children’s energy and enthusiasm during the session. They all used their facial expressions and body language to clearly demonstrate her emotions! 

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Working collaboratively…

During indoor PE, Year 2 have been taking inspiration from the language that they have heard in stories to create a range of shapes and balances. The language they chose were twist, bend and stretch. They have been working collaboratively with a partner to try to remember and repeat these shapes and balances in an order to create a short partner sequence. They realised they needed to work collaboratively so that they moved in time together. A strategy that these children devised was to silently count before beginning their next movement. When watching each other perform, the children were conscious of the importance of controlling their bodies like a real gymnast would. Take a look at some still images of their work…

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Everyone in Year 2 has been working incredibly hard when editing their own writing using the acronym CUPS. They have all made massive improvements in correcting and preventing errors in their own writing. By using her CUPS prompt and checking spectacles, Ivy has been able to edit her writing independently. She has followed our steps perfectly and I am really impressed with her wonderful narrative about a boy’s adventure into outer space.  

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Engaging Debate!

This week, Year 2 have been engaging in a debate to explore the issue, ‘Should all animals be cared for in the same way?’. The children listened to each other’s opinions before respectfully sharing their own views. Lots of the children felt that animals shouldn’t be cared for in the same way as they all have different needs. They felt that it was important for pet owners to act responsibly and complete some research before bringing a pet into their home so they it can receive the correct love and care.  

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Retrieving for research…

Last week, Year 2 have been really busy using and applying the skills they have been developing in their reading retrieval lessons to answer the questions they generated about our topic the ‘Great Fire of London’. The children could explain how they skimmed and scanned for key words on the content page to help them locate the correct information page in the non-fiction book before using the text markers to help them read the correct paragraph. Next half-term, we will continue to work on answering some of the other fantastic questions the children have generated to find out more! 

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Self-assessment super stars…

This week, we have been writing a story about the very annoying elephant Sam adopts from the zoo. We have been trying to vary our sentence types to include both statements and questions. After the lesson, we shared our work with a peer to help us to identify what we had got better at and what we needed to remember for next time. 

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Getting closer to nature…

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Would you like to make Ghostbusters slime? 

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Daisy and the trouble with zoos…

Recently, Year 2 have been reading their class book ‘Daisy and the trouble with zoos’. They have used ideas from the story to write about the time that Daisy visited the penguin pool on her birthday. The children worked on using a range of subordinating and coordinating conjunctions to extend their sentences. Take a look at Tia-Jae’s fabulous version of this!

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