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Year 2’s fabulous fire engines…

Posted by on December 17, 2020

This term, the children have been working incredibly hard to design and make their own fire engines as part of our design and technology lessons. We decided to make fire engines to link with our Great Fire of London history topic driver for this term. To create these fantastic end products, the children first evaluated a range of existing first engines to gather a list of features which fire engines need to make them a useable product. Then, they practiced creating the individual parts of a fire engine whilst considering which material would be the most appropriate. Following this, the children created a design board and planned their initial and final designs by drawing what they wanted their final product to look like. They added annotations to identify the materials which they wanted to use such as tissue paper, straws and pipe cleaners. To ensure that their fire engines were as professional and realistic as possible, they explored how to create a mechanism for their wheels using axels and dowelling. Take a look at some of their fabulous end products! The children are looking forward to bringing them home very soon! 

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