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Author Archives: westend

Working collaboratively…

During their ICT lessons, Year 2 have been busy developing their understanding of algorithms. They have been working collaboratively to understand how they can be implemented on digital devices such as Roamer. Everyone has found it challenging to work out how to make Roamer follow a series of algorithms to reach certain points on the … Continue reading »

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This week, Year 2 held an INSPIRE morning for parents to show them how we are developing our comprehension skills. The focus on the INSPIRE was on ‘find and copy’ questions. These questions helped the children to broaden their vocabulary, develop an understanding words and their meaning with the long term aim of supporting them … Continue reading »

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Exploring the outdoors…

In science, we have been exploring the wilderness area to help Miss Lodge and Mr Blagg try to find ways to attract more wildlife. Firstly, we used all our senses to explore the area before recording these. Also, we closely observed the area and searched for mini beasts that are already living in this habitat. … Continue reading »

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Comparing with Jaxson…

This week, we have been learning how to order and compare numbers with our classroom friend Jaxson the crocodile! We have been using our knowledge of the value of tens and units to help us. Jaxson did an impressive piece of work where he used his skills of drawing base 10 to work out which … Continue reading »

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Fire engines to the rescue…

In Design and Technology, Year 2 have been very busy studying emergency service vehicles from around the world before considering which materials would be the most suitable for a ladder and hose. Following this, everyone has spent the past few weeks developing their own ideas to create a final design for their fire engine. Now … Continue reading »

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Great Fire of London

Recently, Year 2 visited the Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield to take part in a workshop all about the role of firemen during the Great Fire of London. We learned all about how the job of a fireman was very different back in 1666 from the clothes they wore, the equipment they used as well … Continue reading »

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Which material will be the best towel for Lamar?

This week in science, we have been trying to help our class mascot Lamar. He is hoping to go on holiday to Africa to experience a safari adventure. To help him, we have been exploring different materials using our senses before testing their absorbency to help Lamar to work out which material is the most … Continue reading »

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Geography experts…

In Year 2, we have been using atlas to work name the four countries and their capital cities that make up the United Kingdom. We have been finding out which country and capital city the Queen lives in. In this lesson, I was incredibly impressed with everyone, especially our experts, who supported other children to … Continue reading »

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‘Love Your Garden’

Recently, Year 2 have been continuing to help their science co-ordinator to develop the outside garden. Here they are preparing the flower beds for planting. They have learnt all about what plants need to stay healthy and even how plants are able to make their own food through a process called photosynthesis.

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Travelling back in time…

Last week, Year 2 have really enjoyed their visit to the Thackray Museum. When they arrived, they were greeted by a mystery visitor who turned out to be Florence Nightingale. They spent time discussing her legacy and working with museum objects to discover how she helped to improve hospital conditions. Finally, they took part in some role play. Everyone worked together … Continue reading »

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