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Fire engines to the rescue…

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Great Fire of London

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Which material will be the best towel for Lamar?

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Geography experts…

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‘Love Your Garden’

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Travelling back in time…

Last week, Year 2 have really enjoyed their visit to the Thackray Museum. When they arrived, they were greeted by a mystery visitor who turned out to be Florence Nightingale. They spent time discussing her legacy and working with museum objects to discover how she helped to improve hospital conditions. Finally, they took part in some role play. Everyone worked together to improve conditions in the hospital and make things better for the injured soldiers in the Crimean War.

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Investors in Pupils target mid-term review…

At the start of every term, Year 2 chose an IIP individual target to work on. We have taken part in our mid-term review. Using the strategy guide, our books and reading records, we have reviewed the progress we have made towards our target. I was incredibly impressed with Georgie, Toby, Amelia, Leah and Brandon for clearly explaining why they had made progress towards, but not fully met their target yet! Well done!


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Parent Inspire…

Last week, Year 2 were really excited to take part in an Inspire morning with their parents/carers to teach them how to edit writing using CUPS. Everyone worked extremely hard during the session! We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents/carers who took the time to attend.

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 Helping our science co-ordinator…

Mr Johnson has asked our science co-ordinator, Miss Fidler, to develop the flowerbeds to create a beautiful garden for our school to help attract more wildlife. Year 2 have been busy helping her to carry out a fair test to work out the best conditions for a plant to grow. They have been observing their results carefully and drawing detailed diagrams to record their findings.

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Word class wonders…

This week, Year 2 have been identifying the four different word classes in a GPS style activity. I was really impressed by how everyone used their knowledge in the challenge to offer a clear, detailed explanation to prove how they knew they were correct! Take a look at Shelby’s brilliant work from the lesson…

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